A Man

and his Craft




  Jerry Harper, Sr. has defined wooden boat restoration for over 34 years


Located in Meredith, NH near the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, he is known world wide for his quality restorations of classic wooden boats!



Love of the art, skilled in the craft.... in depth knowledge....  the basis for his success.  

This boat is receiving one of many coats of finish.



Moving around the boat, working on a section at a time..

  The quality of the restoration, the high sheen; very fitting for this fine water craft.


This restoration is a  HackerCraft reproduction


The application of many coats of finish .... time and persistence to get it right.



Absorbed in his work..


the music blaring, whistling a tune



The artist carefully applies finish to a small section of the boat


Joined by his son, Dustin who helps with the work



Many strokes are required to attain the smooth result


Moving around the boat, he continuously monitors the wet finish



The wheeled stool helps in moving across the boat


Close inspection ensures a quality finish



Tirelessly he works... about 1/3 of this coat is completed


A rich forest green bottom coat has been applied...



Rolled on....


.....then carefully brushed smooth






A small section at a time... a small amount of finish


Only the very skilled can apply an even coat of finish with no drips






The HackerCraft will look magnificent in the water once again


The final side... almost done



After the finish was complete... the tape was removed. A stripe was applied with white paint.... absolutely flawless!  

The final coat of finish dries on this skillfully restored HackerCraft








E-mail : harperboats@gmail.com
Phone- (603) 279-8841

Meredith NH 03253